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The Essentials

The only type of orders you should use in trading

What order should you use when you’re trading? Knowing how to approach the market is key to being profitable consistently. In this Essential series, we will introduce you to the three types of order in trading, their differences, pros and cons. And explain how we can utilize them in Breakfree Trading.

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Market Analysis

Bitcoin to $100K? (18 October 2021)

Welcome to the Weekly Market Review. Bitcoin is moving to All Time High this week, and SPX500USD is entering a sideways market. We will take a look at the SPX500USD and Bitcoin, as well as some Sonar Setups, especially on JPY related pairs. Let’s dive into it.

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The Essentials

Support and resistance for beginners

You probably heard of Support and Resistance before. For new traders, the idea of Support and Resistance is not easy to grasp and often overlooked. With the common indicators we have, such as moving averages, RSI, MACD, it’s easy for beginners to dive into those without the basic concepts of how Support and Resistance works. We will take a look of SPX500USD, understand it from a naked chart and we will do it again with the help of X-Mode.

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